Monday, February 14, 2011

First post.

So I am a stripper and 20 years old. Nine months in and luckily at one of the few clean establishments in Florida. Now the place I work at is a Steakhouse AND a gentleman's club so the clientele tend to be older. I deal with some interesting men (understatement of the century) and it pays my bills. I have made friends with many of the dancers. A lot of the these woman (most if not all are older than me) have boyfriends or husbands and even children. They are just regular woman and I say this because I must have had some idea in my head that they would all be...well I don't know. But they aren't. I have had my fair share of odd experiences so far and I'm sure there are more to come.

Massage Parlor Counseling

There was this man about a month ago who admitted openly that he cheats. Not that unusual. Then he told me he goes to Asian massage parlors and gets a happy ending on a regular basis. I just asked "what about your wife?" He said that she didn't know for a while, then he finally just came out and told her but not in a way insinuating he is going to stop. In more of a tone that told her it is what he does and will continue doing. She apparently just doesn't bring it up and as far as he is concerned it saves her work. COME ON. Like he is doing her a favor! Oh yeah try not to hurt yourself while your working so hard on your marriage and making your wife happy. I sure hope someone like him never becomes a marriage counselor. I can picture him passing out massage parlor business cards to the husbands secretively as they leave the session.